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              e-Value Engineering (EVE)

Starting in August 2013: 

This On-line Course is presented in Segments.  Each segment must be successfully completed once started. The segment  includes a presentation  of the material followed by a learning quiz. The learning quiz requires the examinee to correctly answer all of the questions by going back, review the material, thence answer the question - until successful. This must be achieved  before proceeding to the next segment. The Segments are:


VALUE METHODOLOGY                  1 hour


VM Definition                                      1 hour


The VM Job Plan                               1 hour


Creativity                                            2 hours


Cost and Cost Models                          1 hour


Evaluation and Implementation          2 hours


Functional Analysis                             4 hours


Functional Analysis - FAST                  2 hours


Functional Cost Relationships             2 hours


People Skills                                       2 hours


Live VE Study – Information Phase     2 hours


Live VE Study – Function Analysis      4 hours


Live VE Study – Creative Phase          2 hours


Live VE Study – Evaluation Phase      4 hours


Live VE Study – Development Phase  6 hours


Live VE Study – Presentation Phase   2 hours


Live VE Study – Implementation        2 hours


Review and or AVS Exam                   2 hours