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South Dade Landfill

(SDLF Cell 5)

Miami-Dade County

Department of Solid Waste Management     

The SDLF is a 320 acre Class I municipal solid waste facility located in southern Miami-Dade County, FL that is owned and operated by MSWM  The SDLF consists of the cells designated as Cells 1 through Cell 5.  The primary goal of the Cell 5 design is to provide DSWW with the maximum amount of airspace that is economically feasible, thus increasing the landfill life while meeting or exceeding the regulatory requirements for a Class 1 Landfill.

Concerns included that the current construction estimate was at $34,000,000 and the budget was $17,000,000 and the current landfill is in use and may not be interrupted.  The objectives were to lower construction costs by reducing the quantity of borrow material required, reduce or identify less costly alternative materials or techniques to meet project functional requirements, new DEP permits would be required, and there were numerous complaints regarding odor.

After the implementation meeting, 100% of the 10 alternative ideas and 18 design recommendations were accepted for a savings of $17,377,353.

VE Study 

Relocation of Bridgestone Aircraft Tire Company

 from Miami, FL to Mayodan, NC

State of Florida  - Department of Transportation 

 The Bridgestone Aircraft Tire (BAU) Company’s aircraft tire retread plant, which was located in Miami, Florida, was acquired by the State of Florida to accommodate the State’s transportation needs.  The BAU subsequently relocated its retreading operation (equipment and members of its staff) to an existing structure located in Mayodan, NC.   The objective of this project was to develop an in-depth, detailed and fully documented cost estimate for the BAU total relocation.  Factors which affected the costs included the fact that both facilities had to be totally functional during the transition to assure an uninterrupted production of aircraft tires with clients such as the USAF, USN, USA and most all of the major airlines worldwide. The FDOT used this estimate to negotiate a settlement agreement with Bridgestone Aircraft Tire Company.  This was the largest settlement to date for the FDOT.