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 Cruising for Value

Module II Advanced Certification Training Seminar

June 7-10, 2010

"Randy S. Thomas, CVS and Les M. Thomas, PE, CVS-Life, returned to teach their popular Module II advanced certification training seminar.  Mrs. Thomas teaches conventional function analysis and emphasizes FAST diagramming and life cycle costing.  The course was  enlivened with guest speakers. The husband-and-wife team taught the 2009 conference Module II, which witnessed the largest Module II registration in recent years.  They recall, 'Students really enjoyed learning the Customer FAST, which is a much more basic and easily applied format.' Mr. Thomas served as the executive director of the SAVE International Certification Board for seven years and applies the insight gained from that experience to the course materials and instruction."

Come to Orlando, Where the Sun Shines on Value

Module II Advanced Certification Training Seminar

June 11-14-2012