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Ms. Randy Thomas, CVS, has served on the SAVE International Board of Directors as VP for membership .  She is certified to teach the SAVE International MOD I Value Engineering Workshop, and the MOD II Advanced Training Seminar.  She has been honored to be the selected instructor for the past fiveSAVE International Value Engineering Conferences teaching the MOD II Training Seminar. completed ove r75 Value Engineering Studies as either the VE Team Leader and/or Assistant Team Leader.  Ms. Thomas is also an advisor for VMP and CVS candidates. 

Ms. Thomas, CVS is  President of E-Value Engineering, Inc.

Mr. Les M. Thomas, PE, CVS-Life, has served on the SAVE International Certification Board.  He previously served as the Board's executive director for 7 years.

Mr. Thomas has more than 30 years experience performing VE Studies.  Subjects of the studies: highways, interchanges, bridges, water and or wastewater treatment plants, buildings, hospitals, prisons, airfields, and various military support activities. Mr. Thomas has over 30 years design experience as the engineer-of-record for the design and construction of Advanced Wastewater treatment and total Re-Use facilities; surface and ground water supplies, treatment, storage and distribution systems; hazardous materials handling and storage facilities; roads and highways, Dams and Hydo-electric plants. He has designed many prisons for the Florida Department of Corrections.